Today finds the Jeannie Twins arguing over who is best for Tony in the kitchen.

Really Darling sister don't you feel Tony should be with the Hottest Jeannie and that is Me.

Dear Sister I am much better for Tony then you are and I am the Hottest Twin.

“Ha!” The dark haired Jeannie twin Responded and put her hands on her hips and asked her twin.

“Don't you feel Tony should be with the Hottest Twin, and that is Me!” The Blond Twin

put her hands also on her hips and responded “Tony Will be with the Hottest Twin and that is ME!”

The Two beauties glared into each others eyes and refused to back down.

The Dark haired twin spoke first. “Lets see who is hotter how about a dare!”

The Blond Responded “Fine What is Your Dare?”

The Dark haired Jeannie 'Let us see who is the Hottest Twin Jeannie!”

The Blond haired Jeannie “OK anything sister?”

Now Both of the Jeannie Twins were still in their full Jeannie outfits and did not realize it, but they had

had their hands on their hips but were just about nose to nose and their breast were just an inch from


The Dark haired Jeannie “Lets Agree the one that refuses to go on is the one that would not be as wild in bed with Tony!” The Blond Responded “And she agrees to leave Tony alone!”

With That the two nodded and it was time to begin.

The first test was a test of who is the better kisser and not a little girl kiss but a womanly French kiss.

The Two stunning beauties moved together and wrapped their arms around each other and slowly they kissed and their mouths opened and their long silky tongs extended and first touched and then caressed the others sexy tong. Both beauties tried to continue the glare but the curses of her tong made both of them say and close their eyes. The French Kiss continues and their breast pressed and for the next ten minutes They made love with their tongs. Says and sweet tongs mixed as they both their cherry l caressed and the cherry red lip stick color mixed. After Ten minutes and that was just a sample of What they could do. Only their anger stopped them from continuing what was the best French Kiss of both of their lives. They broke apart, and both beauties could still taste the sweet taste of the others mouth. Both were breathing hard and did not want to admit they wanted another kiss so much they had to admit how good the kiss had been. Their chest went up and down with their need for air.

Both looked at the other with respect and desire as they both agreed to go on with the contest.

The dark haired Jeannie said how about who had the hotter breast. The blond agreed and both of the beauties blinked and their fronts to their Jeannie outfits were gone. Both marveled at the others breast that were large and firm and defied gravity. Her Nipples were erect and light brown and She had to admit she wanted to bite her nipples and suck on them so hard that she could drink her sweet milk. Both just stared at her sisters breast that were mirror twins of her breast.

They both had to take their eyes off of the others beautiful breast and their eyes locked again.

Let us see who's breast are firmer both said. With that they pressed their breast together and pressed so hard that their nipples tangled. They kept their hands on their hips and pressed their breast so hard

They looked like they were going to explode from the pressure. They looked into the others green eyes and both saw the pain of the contest in her eyes. Both also loved the contest despite the pain their breast felt the pleasure of the others wonderful magical breast. Both wanted to confess her desire To bite and suck on the others nipples and take her breast in her hands and squeeze them.

They backed up and separated their breast and slammed them together again and again. Both groaned as their breast slammed together again and again. Despite the pain both enjoyed the contest much more then they thought they would. It was very hot. Both wondered what it would be like to wrap her arms around her twin and French kiss her as they pressed breast hotly.

This contest went on and on and after 30 minutes of breast to breast slamming and pressure the two beauties separated both panting and chest heaving but neither willing to admit defeat. It had been draw and very hot. Both looked at the others red bused breast and swollen nipples both wanted to suck on so much. Both of the twins had never been so turned on as now.

They could not help but notice the bulge in the others Jeannie pance and both still panting form the Breast fight looked at the others pussy through her Jeannie pance and two of them were two intense to stop now . Both of the beauties did not blink but just pushed their Jeannie pance down and revealed their HOT CUNTS to the others. Their pussy's were larger then a normal woman's powerful and beautiful. Both stopped and just looked at the others beautiful pussy. They could not do anything but look at the others sexy pussy with nothing short of lust. All they wanted to do was fuck the others pussy and get her hot cunt inside that beautiful pussy and fuck her all night long. They were both spellbound with desire for her one twin. Like their breast their pussy's were mirror twins of each other. Their pussy's swelled with lust for each other and without a word the two twins came together and their hot pussy's caressed. The two pussy's caressed and both Jeannie's sayed.

They both pressed breast and green eyes looked into the others now with lust in both of them.

“I am going to get inside your pussy and fuck you sister!” The Dark haired Twin Said!

“I am going to drive into your pussy and fuck your brains out sister! The Blond haired Twins Said!

The two beauties slammed hot cunts and pushed each other back and forth around the kitchen.

Both of their pussy's were so hot with lust it was everything they could do to keep from exploding.

They were not fighting for Tony any more they were fighting for the others love. Both pressed the other against the wall and tried to force her pussy inside her pussy. Neither allowed her inside her But both were wild with desire. They could not resist the others lips and they started French kissing.

Both sayed and continued grinding their hot cunts like fire balls of desire the two pussy's rubbed.

Their breast smashed and their nipples rubbed both of the Jeannie's called out to God as they continued the pussy duel. Finally both of the Jeannie twins could take it no longer and slammed their pussy's together and exploded. They called the others name as their pussy sprayed hot cum on the others pussy. They held each other and exploded over and over so much cum it ran all over her twins hot pussy. Both of their bodies shuttered and breathed heave as the two held onto the other her true love.

They both separated and were shaken but how intenced wonderful the orgasm was. Both wanted to continue the duel but both new they needed a break. The Dark haired Jeannie pulled up her pance and blinked and her top was back on. The Blond did the same and both agreed this was not over.

They separated the dark haired Jeannie blinked away and the blind blinked to her bottle.

Latter both beauties showered and were thinking of what had happened and both were not thinking of Tony but were thinking of her Twin Jeannie and their fingers went to their hot cunts and caressed their pussy's softly calling Jeannie not Tony as they sayed in the Shower.

To be continued...